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“Farm to Medicine Cabinet” transparency in the hemp industry. This page is dedicated to your pursuit homeostasis through empowerment and knowledge. Below you will find descriptions of the different products on the CBD. The purpose of this page is to help you differentiate between the different values of CBD products in the hemp industry. empower your self with knowledge about “what is what” so you aren’t swayed by the hype on hemp

Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Full Spectrum with minerals

Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Full Spectrum with minerals

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We value quality over quantity

Spagyric Hemp | Top shelf | True plant Medicine | most potent

On the left you see the weights and CBD content of a Full Spectrum extract. The Extract weights more than CBD content. The consumer is looking for 1000mg of CBD and should get at least that. The extra cannabiniods make this a high quality full spectrum hemp extract. The extra fats and waxes is not paid for by the customer.

Full Spectrum CBD

Cannabidiol content found in high quality extract

On the right you see a Full Spectrum CBD tincture With a considerable amount of CBDa+CBD, CBG, cbga, CBC, CBDV, THC. The minor cannabinoids give this extract full Spectrum top shelf.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 10.41.57 PM.png

This is where the hype begins | There may be benefits gained from products mentioned below, however we encourage you to understand the value of whats being purchased so you can be confident in how you are spending your hard earned money

Here you see the importance of seeing test results. On the right there are two test results showing how much CBD content is in the advertised “Whole Hemp Extract”. The amount of extract is more than the actual amount of CBD. Needless to say we do not sell whole hemp extract because this may cause confusion as to what you are actually purchasing.

250mg of whole hemp extract

71mg CBD in 250mg Tincture

300mg Whole Hemp Extract

183mg in 300mg Tincture

Whole hemp weight is 1000mg. in that 1,000mg there may not be that amount of cbd. In a whole hemp extract there are things such as waxes, lipids, plant fat, and such.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 10.53.10 AM.png

Broad Spectrum CBD

Building up to 500mg after removing the THC

Modern Science allows for us to break down the components of an extract and built them back together to make a specific combination of minor cannabinoids. The main purpose of this is to remove the THC for those that are at risk of failing a drug test. Though the THC is in trace amounts it may acumulate.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD

Notice how there is no THCa, no CBDa, and low amounts of minor cannabinoids. You can add isolates together to achieve a broad spectrum through fractions in the processing. It is a man made version of a full spectrum. You can add Terpenes to enhance the effects and add benefit.


A wonderful way of avoiding THC at all costs. Broad Spectrum CBD products can be used for those who are very sensitive to cannabinoids and absolutely need to avoid the trace amounts of THC due to drug testing or job positions. The trace elements in a full spectrum don’t get you “high”, however over time the buildup may show in a drug test. If you are concerned about legal issues refer to the more info page where you will see CBD Extract under .3%THC is legal in all fifty states. (link to farm bill). We also offer CBD consultations on the networking page.